arkhangelsk international cultural center


our partners

Among others:

Artists Association of Arkhangelsk Region (Arkhangelsk)
Arkhangelsk Center for urban renewal Futurist (Arkhangelsk)
Artist Exchange with the Cultural Center Pushkinskaya 10 (St. Petersburg)
Cooperative project with the artist- and curator-collective r a k e t a (Stockholm)
Pikene på Broen, Kirkenes
Kurant, Tromsø

College for Culture (Arkhangelsk)
Arkhangelsk Regional Scientific Library
The newly built Arkhangelsk University Library (completed summer 2014)
art gallery Xudoshestvenniy Salon
Faculty for Intercultural Communications and faculty for Design
at the Northern Arctic Federal University
Art School for children (Arkhangelsk)
Arkhangelsk Film School
several photograph initiatives in Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk

Center for Societal and Cultural Events (Severodvinsk)
artist-collective Subyekty (Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk)
Art School for children (Severodvinsk)

Ministry of culture of Arkhangelsk Oblast 
City administration of Arkhangelsk
City administration of Severodvinsk

German General Consulate in St. Petersburg
Goethe Institut St. Petersburg
Cultural departments of the Norwegian provinces Nordland and Troms
Norway's Honorary Consul in Arkhangelsk 

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