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Arkhangelsk A-i-R

The Artist-in-Residence program is a proposal to develop the local art scene.

With our great ressource, the studio for guest artists, we would like to make the A-i-R-program more sustainable in its impact. We would like our guests to share their knowledge and experiece. We hope to broaden the understanding of art among the local population, also by inviting thinkers, scientists, architects, film-makers or curators.

We try to maintain the A-i-R-program as a fluent institution that gathers people, as a virtual educational institution for contemporary art we imply this as the strategic imperative for our A-i-R-Program.

The renovation was finished in July 2014.
The two-leveled studio has about 46 sq meters, it has very high windows (3m high) over the whole wall.
It has a shower cabin, toilet, security guard, internet, washing machine, a space-saving bed and a sofa, offering maximum three people a comfortable stay.

The studio is located very convenient with lots of amenities nearby. It is close to the river and the Hotel «Artelekom».

We've had a lot of guest-artists the past years and can hook you up with cultural professionals or artists of any kind to support your research or to realize your project.

Contact us for a quote or with a project proposal!

The new guest-studio (photo by Aleksey Safonov)

The new guest-studio (photo by Aleksey Safonov)

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    The new guest-studio (photo by Aleksey Safonov)

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    The new guest-studio (photo by Aleksey Safonov)

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