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    Performance workshop with Flavia Devonas (Kirkenes)

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    Alena Sevastyanova/Subyekty (Severodvinsk)

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    Panel on contemporary arts in the Panov theatre 

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    Spontaneous performances (this one by Roman Osminkin (St. Petersburg), Eldar Ganeev (ZIP Group Krasnodar) and Kristoffer Dolmen (Bodø)

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    Public art by Simon Riemer 

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    Excursion to the art school for kids (with workshops and talks)

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    Dmitry Novitsky (Murmansk) on the exhibition Kniga Belogo Morya, brought for the forum by Sergey Terentev from Media Center Vyhod (Petrozavodsk)

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    Ekaterina Golubina from Arctic Art Institute (Murmansk)

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International forum «Contemporary Art in the European North»

„Contemporary Arts in the European North“ was the first international forum on contemporary arts in Arkhangelsk. It took place from the 27th to 30th of November in various cultural institutions with participants from Arkhangelsk and Arkhangelsk region, from various Russian federal subjects, neighboring countries and other continents. Over 70 registered participants (among them 30 guests from other countries) enjoyed the rich and versatile program and worked very concentrated in different sections according to their specific knowledge. The forum organizers defined the event as an incubator for prospective developments between the regional and international art & cultural scene. To enable the full potential of this event, we experimented with new and unorthodox concepts. It was a big success – participants established new contacts, developed new project ideas and, most of all, learned a lot from each other. Arkhangelsk is seen from now on completely different, with a deeper understanding of Arkhangelsk’s artistic potential as a city of the European North. A large part of the event was open and accessible for free to the inhabitants of Arkhangelsk. We counted an unusual high amount of curious visitors to our public programs that included presentations, discussions, concerts and workshops. 

Many participants came for the first time to Arkhangelsk and we arranged a rich cultural program to introduce foreign and Russian guests to the beauty and the rich history of Arkhangelsk. For example, we offered excursions to Malyie Karely or to places of the unique in the world wooden constructivism, but also to the opening of a street art exhibition in an underground parking lot or to the nuclear submarine shipyards in Severodvinsk. 

By offering an open platform for experiments, we unleashed a tremendous artistic and creative output, among others public art, performances and even a spontaneous international musical with a Nowegian government official playing the piano.

But even more important is the establishment of longterm cooperations and projects with participation of cultural workers of Arkhangelsk oblast.

The forum was initiated, developed and conducted by Cornelius Stiefenhofer together with the team of the Arkhangelsk regional branch of the Russian Artist’s Union. 

Cornelius Stiefenhofer and the Arkhangelsk regional branch of the Russian Artist’s Union would like to thank the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation for their generous financial support of the event. Considerable financial support was given by the Troms and Nordland fylkeskommunen, by the General consulate of Germany in St. Petersburg, Pikene på Broen (Kirkenes), Project Spagat (Kirkenes), and of course by the Barentssekreteriat in Kirkenes.

A special thanks goes to the Ministry of culture of Arkhangelsk region for their active participation, their valuable advice, their organizational and technical support, their trust in our team and in the concept of the event.

We also would like to thank the team of the Arkhangelsk Regional Scientific Library named after N.A. Dobrolyubov for their tremendous commitment to the forum, as well as the Teatr Panova and the Detskaya Xudoshestvennaya Shkola No. 1.  

A very special thanks goes to our team – our employees, the enthusiastic volunteers, members of the Artist’s Union, and all other supporters of the forum.

And we thank all participants and visitors of the forum for making it a very inspiring and dynamic meeting point!

Olga Popova & Cornelius Stiefenhofer

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