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A-i-R's in Arkhangelsk region

Due to our location in the capital of the fairly large Region of Arkhangelsk, we happen to represent several grassroot Arist in Residency programs – each of them very unique.

At the moment, we may establish projects or stays with the following places:

The A-i-R Zvozlandya is 200 km from Arkhangelsk. It is located very conveniently en-route the main highway to Moscow on the huge riverbanks of the Dvina-river. Art-objects are scattered over the whole village. They offer a seperate old wooden house to guests, from 2014 probably with shower (usually banya). Easy to reach with public transport. Exists since 1985. The very active and keen artist Lidia Kuznezova is keeping everything together. They've hosted foreigners, are interested in (land) artists, photographers, performancers & poets.

Misha Bronsky runs a great place a few hundred kilometers further down the major road to Moscow, 400 km from Arkhangelsk in the Shenkursk county. He and his family are very kind people with extraordenary knowledge about the region and its history. They live in a very small village just off the road, easily to reach by public transport. The village consists of old wooden farm houses. A cozy house is used as a studio by Misha, but he is ready to offer it to up to four people for a comfortable and inspiring stay. Misha is a painter himself living half of the year in Arkhangelsk but is always interested in projects.

The open-air art-festival «Taibola» on the shores of the white sea is run by Ilya Kuzubov and takes usually place in the first half of July.

Ustyanskij rayon has a great handicraft center in the town of Shangali. It is in good shape and run by enthusiastic staff. They do not only provide an oven for burning pottery, several looms and a extensive collection of birch boats, but also a mini-hostel where up to 10 people can stay.

Aleksandr Shutikhin is a master for works with birch near the town of Kotlas. Kotlas is easy to reach by train, from Moscow as from Arkhangelsk.

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